About Us

The owners of Andrew Frederick Adult Support are Peter and Sally Grint and they remain active and present here at Heath Farm on a daily basis. They are assisted by their daughters, Sam Joyce and Tilly Grint, who manage the site and again, are around on a day to day basis. This management team, which includes Hayley Howes, our Community Relations Manager,  is assisted by a highly experienced  activities support team who have experience in both public and private sector social care settings. This includes the running and management of care homes catering for both elderly and younger adults. Sam Joyce and Tilly Grint have both been registered managers of care homes for vulnerable people. Peter Grint has been a Director of a company that owned several outstanding care homes in Norfolk for many years.

We believe that good staff and the right structure are very important in being able to offer the level of choice and support we have at Andrew Frederick Adult Support. Our management and staff team have a wealth of experience in working with vulnerable adults who have mental health, learning disability and younger adults with dementia support needs.

Our staff team consists of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced individuals who are supported with on-going training and personal development. This helps us to recruit and retain high quality team members. All staff members have experience in either dementia and learning disabilities.

Our two different day services have their own team of activity staff, who have varying degrees of experience in health and social care backgrounds. They are supported by experienced senior members of staff. In addition, we have two chefs and a small team of volunteers.

We operate a thorough recruitment process which includes DBS checks to help prevent unsuitable people being employed at Andrew Frederick Adult Support.